BawBab Technologies Inc.

A B2B Digital Addressing Infrastructure (DAI) built on Azure Cloud


Baw Bab Technologies Inc. plans to develop and implement innovative technologies that is vertically integrated business model that includes:

  • Proprietary Digital address logistics infrastructure

  • Navigation systems for Last-mile delivery for non-traditional addresses

A progressive web app (PWA) built to leverage the hardware and OS capabilities to achieve the verticals above namely location services and camera services. Visit (https://bawbab-ui.vercel.app/) to view the MVP inflight, features on the roadmap are being implemented. It is propreitary software and the source code is not available for public consumption.

This is a Digital Addressing Infrastructure Platform (DAI) that is built on Azure Cloud. It is a B2B platform that allows businesses to create and manage their digital addresses. It is a PWA that is built using NextJS and MaterialUI. It is a Single Page Application (SPA) that is hosted as a static web app on Azure.


  • TailwindCSS
  • NextJS13
  • Twilio SendGrid
  • Redux & Redux Toolkit (RTK)
  • Vercel & Github for CI/CD
  • Azure Static Web App
  • PostgresSQL
  • Azure Databricks
  • Tensorflow
  • Azure Cognitive Services
  • Azure Maps SDK
  • Google Maps SDK
  • Azure Functions
  • Prisma