Web3 Crypto-Blockchain DApp (Decentralized Application)

A Decentralized App running on a testnet leveraging BlockChain technology, Oracles to fetch off-chain data and implements smart coontracts to achieve some business logic, contracts deployed on the testnet. This app can facilitate the transfer of crypto currencies, supported ETC, SOL, BTC but it's a work in progress, more to be done with POW (Proof of Work) as the next steps while adding more features.


This Dapp requires one to have a crypto wallet such as Metamask and it's suggested you use Chrome, install the Metamask extension for authentication, and to view your wallet balances, to view your transactions in detail although Metamask maintains a list of your transaction, you can use etherscan to view full details of your transactions.


Visit (https://crypto.ericgitangu.com/) to try it out or alternatively watch the app in action here: https://youtu.be/SZauJo7CqpM

This is a Coinbase clone, that bares the core functionalities of CoinBase but not all features have been implemented. Need to update the testnet for this, following the change to POS (Proof of Stake), Rinketby the testnet I was using has since been deprecated. Will be changing testnets to Goeri.


  • Blockchain with Solidity
  • React
  • Thirdweb
  • Sanity
  • Crypto Wallet Authentication
  • Vercel & Github for CI/CD