Name's Eric Gitangu but it just easier to call me Eric or Deveric online. I'm currently the Senior FullStack dApp Developer, with various interests and skils not limited to Distributed Development, Data Science, Artificial Inteligence & Machine Learning.

I'm passionate about many creative pursuits, including tech for good, demystifying the elusive world of tech in a relatable way and not to mention an enthusiast for ethical software practices. This combination of interests is what ultimately led me to my passion for contributing and joining various developer communities on Slack and Discord. I love building projects from scratch. From the ground up from a single initial init commit to a full blown project. Outside of development, I participate actively on various programming platforms, LeetCode, TopCoder, Hackerrank & CodingGames but I wouldn't mind taking on activities that are completely non tech related and to that end, I am a sponge for things that spark interest, quirky fun facts and DIY projects.